Saturday, January 5, 2008


Audio Ads
They will be invading our web pages soon but can you make real money from them ?
Its the New Year 2008 and already the next big thing to hit the internet has surfaced Pay Per Play Has arrived.
So just before christmas I started to recieve the normal bombardment of whats going to be big in 08 and I came across these claims around Pay Per Play Adverstising.
Emails such as
You have got to get on Board
Have You Seen This
Don't Miss out on this Google Killer
You get the idea.
I wanted to know more about any business before i sign up and start to become a partner. Its not just about making money its about making money without ripping people off If you recomend a product then make sure it works and delivers.
I recently looked at Agloco but they have not been able to sustain the interest around there method of making money by using a search bar.
I looked into this and found that it has a lot more potential. The system works by playing 5 seconds of audio ads to every visitor that lands on your page.

Pay Per Play Plays 5 seconds of Audio AD

The script installed on your website will scan your content and play contextual ads that are relevant to your content.

Pay Per Play The Ads are played autmatically when the visitor lands on the page. The user does not have to click a link or anything else to activate the advert.

Pay Per Play The Ads pay upto as they claim $28 CPM to run the Ads that is a lot more than people are getting on Adsense and could be ra real alternative.

Pay Per Play So if you get $28 per 1000 plays would you put the code on your website ?

Pay Per Play Has a referal system that builds up so those people getting on board quickly could end up being very successfull.

Pay Per Play We dont know how people are going to react to audio ads but i expect like a lot of things people will adapt either get use to it or learn to be very sharp at turning of the sound on websites.

Pay Per Play Click any of the links to check it out now and find out if its going to suit your websites and monetisation strategies.

I think after research this is definetly going to come to a lot of websites in one form or another so be part of it now.

Pay Per Play Click Here to Join

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